DAF VCI-560 MUX Interface DAF Truck Diagnostic Tool

1. Latest Davie XDc II V5.6.1 software

2. Offline version software, don’t need buy license

3. 1 year warranty


The DAF VCI-560 is a dealer level powerful fault diagnosis device for DAF Trucks. It has been developed using the latest advanced technology. Use together with a PC, it provides a tool for quick and efficient analysis of vehicle faults.

The DAF VCI-560 switches the input channel automatically to the required data line (K-line, L-line) or CAN-bus of the truckside “Diagnostic Connector”.


Software version:

• DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 supported)
• DAF Davie Application 95.00
• DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 19.04.F0


Language Support: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.


Vehicle Support: DAF trucks


Systems it can diagnosis:

– CAB climate system;

– Safety system;

– Security system;

– Transmission system;

– CAB climate system;

– Vehicle control system;

– Door control system;

– Instrumentation system;

– Engine system;

– Tachograph;

– Communication system;

– After treatment system;

– Break system.


Packing List:

1pc * Blue color DAF VCI

1pc * VCI-USB Cable

1pc * Vehicle Diagnostic cables (round 16 pin cable for older trucks)

1pc * 16 PIN OBD cable

We offer refurbished laptop with software installed and it prepared to use with “VCI-560/Paccar” diagnostic tool  directly when you received it.