Liebherr Diagnostic Tool with Liebherr Sculi for Crane Diagnosis

1.offline version without license limits

2.USB Dongle included

3.Offline Dealer Scanner for Liebherr Crane etc

4.Remote support via Teamviewer


LIEBHERR DIAGNOSTIC KIT Liebherr Diagnostic Software for Crane Diagnosis


Liebherr Diagnostic Software – used to keep maintenance and service tasks on engine and machine controllers.

Software contains:

  1. Diagnostics software for various control devices.
  2. Central integration system for services.
  3. Catalogue of predefined available services.
  4. Standard for Liebherr diagnostics systems.
  5. Simple and standardised user interface with enhanced functionality.

Software can perform:

  1. Program travel, steering, brake / inching pedal and hydraulic components.
  2. Read, save, print and delete service codes.
  3. Read and change parameters from the travel electronic.


Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

Package :

  • DB9 to 9-pin Deutsch cable
  • USB Key Dongle (very import,d don’t lose it)
  • Used Laptop( Liebherr Diagnostic Software Preinstalled)